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Captivating cleavage is essential, so say sayonara to the unnatural look and feel of padding by slipping a pair of Bump-a-Cups in your favorite bra and bikini!

Great for: an extra boost in bikinis a solution to slightly uneven breasts & post-lumpectomy women enhancing cleavage in low cut tops If you're handy with a needle & thread, create a pocket for your favorite bra insert

The specially designed silicone inserts add a subtle hint of cleavage and lift minus the uncomfortable pads.

To clean, gently wash with soap and warm water

Use caution not to puncture with sharp objects Tips

Try the insert at the bottom or to the bottom-side of bra Insert is 5/8" at the thickest point in the center and tapers outward to 1/4" along the edges.

Contents One reusable pair (ie, 2 inserts) 100% silicone

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